"I went from beginner writer with no audience to 51,200 followers, 5,176+ newsletter subscribers, and a 6 figure online business within a year. I can safely say Kieran's systems have been my greatest investment.” — Parker Worth, Founder of StorySystem

Attract an engaged audience in 2024 using my zero-fluff 'magnetic writing' system

I've helped over 1,900+ entrepreneurs grow their business, build their authority, and make an impact with their ideas... and I can help you too.

Social media is a business-building cheat code.I've used it to grow a 30,000+ newsletter and gross over $800,000 without any cold outreach, paid advertising, or freelancing (in under four years).But today’s problem?Everyone wants an audience.More than 200 million creators are now competing for the same slice of attention. And studies predict the market size will double by 2027.The window for taking advantage of the online opportunity is shrinking.But it isn't closed—you just need to play a different game to the crowd.If you want an effective way to grow your online audience, brand, and business, give me 5 minutes and I'll explain a smarter approach.

But first, here's what some of the best online writers have to say about this strategy:

Dan Koe

"I met Kieran when he first started online and trust me, he’s now on the cutting edge of modern writing.Forget your English classes and sign up for this course instead if you want to acquire a practical, evergreen, and monetizable skill."

George Ten

Justin Welsh

"I recommend his course inside one of my own because when it comes to writing, Kieran knows what he's talking about."

Eddy Quan

"If I wanted a large and monetizable following without any previous writing or audience building experience, this is the system I would follow."

Erica Schneider

"Kieran is too good at breaking complex topics down into easy to understand nuggets. I love how he takes his experiences and backs them up with data. High Impact Writing is a fantastic course."

James Carran

"Kieran's course is crammed full of timeless principles for clear and effective online communication and will save you years of floundering. I highly recommend it."

Let's talk about the great online opportunity

The internet might be crowded and social media saturated, but things have never been better.You can reach almost anyone in the world for free, build a presence in any niche, and monetise in so many ways that making 6 or 7 figures through content is no longer a surprising statistic.You might think you’re too late to take advantage, but betting on the internet today is like betting on Apple stock 20 years ago.This is reflected in the statistics:Digital advertising spending has increased from $293 billion to $667 billion in the past 5 years alone.There's a reason:Attention is valuable.

But the audience game has changed

A decade ago, social media growth was easy because demand outstripped supply—audiences were starved of content.But the opposite is now true.These days, timelines are filled with everyone saying the same thing. It's boring, repetitive, and entirely ineffective for growing your business.Because when markets saturate, the solution is not to do the same thing as everyone else...You must set yourself apart instead.Whilst the crowd is chasing followers with generic content (a race to the bottom), you stand out by creating fans.Because it’s your job to build a bond, not just an audience.The quality of your business is directly related to the quality of your relationships.And I can show you how to connect with your audience better than anyone else in our space using my 'magnetic writing' approach—sharing personality-based, story-infused advice to slice through the noise.To explain, let me introduce myself.

Chris Orzechowski

7-figure E-com Founder

"After 10 years in the game, I still learn something new from Kieran each week."

Matthew Brown

Multi-six figure ghostwriter

"I’ve invested in 10+ courses, but learning from Kieran has been the best accelerant for my career."

John Bejakovic

Direct Marketer

"I always read Kieran's stuff because he teaches me how to communicate better and connect with my audience."

How I went from burned-out dentist to building a $500k/year online writing business in under 4 years

Hey, I’m Kieran Drew.Four years ago, I used to be a dentist (sorry). But I was desperate for a different career.Don't get me wrong, the pay was good and parents were proud. But society expects you to pick a career before you can pick a car.After 6 years of training, I couldn't shake the feeling I'd made the wrong choice.I wanted freedom, flexibility, and creative fulfilment. I wanted to work where I wanted, when I wanted, with who I wanted—sharing ideas I believed in.

By 2020, I'd invested a decade and over 6 figures becoming a dentist

I felt trapped.But then a friend sent me Naval Ravikant’s podcast—my first taste of online business.Naval explains that the internet has changed the world of work.If you can attract an audience around your interests, you can build a business serving them.As you can imagine, my ears perked up.I began learning stand-up comedy because I thought making people laugh would be a brilliant career.Unfortunately, my jokes were terrible. Fortunately, it was COVID so only my girlfriend and hairbrush had to suffer.

One lesson I learned about building online is that you've just gotta things a go.

But I loved every second of the writing process—I'd never had so much fun.So I started writing online instead.

One mistake cost me a year of progress

I enjoyed writing, but I was overwhelmed by the online world.There was so much to learn, so much conflicting advice. I didn’t know where to start and had no clear blueprint on what to do (and more importantly, what not to do).The result?I was bland, generic, and forgettable—a digital death sentence.After a year of posting, I still hadn’t crossed 1,000 followers and I’d made zero dollars—quite possibly the world’s slowest 9-5 escape plan.Those 12 months were hell.I squeezed writing into early mornings before work, engaged during my lunch breaks, and studied in the evenings and weekends.Every week that dragged by without momentum made me reconsider my plans.Seeing most of my ideas disappear into the void was frustrating and the lack of growth was disappointing.Especially when everyone else was making it look easy.I wasn't sure if my efforts would pay off, so I'd often hit these slumps where I'd think about giving up (what I call 'writing wabbles').I didn’t even tell my friends or family what I was doing because I was so embarrassed about what they would think.But everything changed on the 21st of August, 2021.I posted my first story about myself.It had been gathering dust in my drafts for months. I was scared to be vulnerable and I didn't think people would care about what I had to say.How wrong I was.I hit publish, headed to bed, and woke the next day in shock.I had 2,000 new followers.I can't describe how good it felt after such a long slog. The relief and joy made it almost impossible to focus at work that day.But the virality wasn’t important, although it was greatly appreciated.It was what I found in the DMs.

What your audience really wants

I had hundreds of genuine, authentic messages from people explaining how my ideas had helped.They told me their stories and struggles despite being strangers on the internet.It made me realise something:Not all content is created equal.The crap I’d been writing for a year was what I thought you had to post. Pointless platitudes and soulless templates.But one story had 1000x the impact.Why?Because people follow people.If you can get your audience to know, like, and trust you by being real, by being authentic—you'll have a much stronger connection for your brand and business.So I threw away the cookie-cutter advice and began testing angles to reach my readers on a deeper emotional level.There was no crazy overnight transformation. I've never been great at hacking algorithms (there're many social media 'experts' who can teach you that).But every day I chipped away at my message.And the more I focused on writing with the human touch, the better the response became.I got noticed by some of the best writers…

George Ten DM

I spoke on some of the most popular podcasts in our space:

  • The Copywriter Club

  • The Calum Johnson Show

  • The Danny Miranda Podcast

  • The Creator Science Podcast

  • I Want to Know with Josh Spector

  • Newsletter Operator with Matt McGarry

But most importantly, I started attracting one of the most engaged audiences in our space.

*A lot of writing is about patience, but it's also about using the right systems. When you focus on the right areas, you can shave years off your progress when you focus on the right things.

I quit dentistry at the end of 2021 to go all in on writing.I was terrified but obsessed.I released my first digital product on March 31st, 2022, expecting crickets.But I made $5,000 that launch, which as my first non-dentistry-related income, felt incredible.Then people began to ask for writing coaching. But my imposter syndrome reared its ugly head, so I started helping friends for free.My first paid client?I charged $500 for almost 15 hours work!But I loved teaching my clients how to write, and kept refining my systems until I had a blueprint for any entrepreneur looking to grow their business through writing online.That year, I grossed $100,000 and crossed 100,000 followers.But it was the next year when things truly took off.

An exciting part about the writing business is freedom. To generate this revenue, I only have 2-4 calls per month and focus on digital products.

I’m grateful to say I’ve now worked with 71 clients, and have sold over 2,900 digital products all focused on one idea:

How to create fans using the 3 pillars of magnetic writing

Because writing is like going to the gym.It takes repetition to get results.But like the gym, some approaches are 100x more effective than others.It’s why some can lift for a decade and get nowhere, whilst others train for two years and get yolked.When you train, the big lifts are squat, bench, and deadlift.When you write?It’s actionable advice, personality, and storytelling.Written SPECIFICALLY to one person—your One True Fan.Because people want to be educated, entertained, and inspired. They want to feel like you're speaking directly to them.The reason most creators struggle online is because they're not reaching their audience on a deep emotional level. They lack one or all of these pillars.They teach, but their advice is boring. It's just generic listicles and steps that ChatGPT can pump out in seconds—so they never build a connection.Or they entertain, but they're not useful. They get likes, but they never manage to monetize because they don't establish authority.Or they want their ideas to stand out and stick in their audience's mind, but they don't tell stories.And it's storytelling that slices through the noise.If you follow a magnetic writing approach, you won't just attract followers.You create fans.And it's fans that support your message and build your business.You get more customers, connections, and opportunities. And you can build your business on your terms—dictating who you work with, when you work, and how much you charge.Simply put: magnetic writing will help you win a much juicier slice of the market.But don’t just take my word for it.Here are what few of my clients have to say:

Ole Lehman made over $450,000 in one year

"I started Kieran’s coaching at my lowest point. A couple of months later, my life changed. I now have over 140,000 followers and have made over $450,000 through two digital products. I know I will look back at this in 10 years and see it as a massive in flection point."

Jeremy Singh is building a community around his passion

"The results have been insane. I’ve built an audience of 57,000 people and a 3,000-subscriber newsletter. My posts have gone viral dozens of times. Now I’ve begun to build a community around my passion. He’s helped me wrap my content in storytelling and personality. For writing, Kieran is your man."

Jasper Polak built a 70,000 audience and a thriving business as a fractional COO

"My primary school teacher said I had the creativity of a strawberry (true story). Thanks to High Impact Writing, I now have 70,000 online fans and a thriving consulting business. Can’t recommend it enough if you’re an entrepreneur looking to scale your ideas online.*

Ollie Emberson scaled his injury prevention coaching business to $20k+/month

"Kieran has helped me be a better creator and business owner in several ways. My content started performing MUCH better after using his systems. Without him, I wouldn’t have 11,000 followers, and I'm now hitting consistent $20k/months."

Simmo quit his corporate sales career to pursue his passion and is now travelling the world

"When I started working with Kieran, I was stuck in a corporate sales role and struggling with my niche and direction. He helped me understand how to communicate online and was instrumental in me building a thriving multi-six-figure coaching business."

All of these clients are building freedom-first businesses around their unique interests and skills.They're being rewarded for making an impact—for writing about their ideas.Let me run you through how I can help you do the same.

Introducing the only social media writing course you'll ever need:

High Impact Writing

High Impact Writing is a high-quality video course with zero fluff or filler that you can take in one weekend.Most lessons are less than 5 minutes long and come with plenty of examples and templates from a wide range of niches, so you will see an immediate improvement in your writing from day 1.It's highly actionable and practical, a blueprint for you to get better at writing whilst growing your business through content.And if you prefer reading to learn like I do, there's also a fully written version of the course too (not just a transcript—I never understood writers who don't write their courses!).What’s more, it’s designed for the busy entrepreneur.The last thing you want to do is waste all of your time on social media.So I don't teach you growth hacks like commenting 2000 times per day.Instead, you'll build the evergreen skill of clear and concise written communication in a systemised, time-efficient approach.You can take a sneak peak of the course by watching this video:

The modules run through simple, follow-along frameworks so you don't feel overwhelmed or confused as you write.I recently asked my customers to rate each module and the average score was 8.79/10.Let me run you through what's inside:

Module 1: Discover how to present yourself persuasively

If you've ever struggled to define your niche, this module will give you a quick and simple way to decide what to write about.Inside:

  • How to use ‘The Tinder Test’ to summarise your unique message in one sentence to gain absolute clarity on the purpose of your writing and a way to set yourself apart from the crowd

  • The ‘One True Fan’ method to get a deep understanding of your audience so every word you write has an incredible magnetic pull for your future fans... even if you're not an expert writer

  • Easy-to-use ChatGPT prompts to do 100s of hours of customer research in 2 minutes (this will give you endless content ideas specific to your brand—no generic crap)

Module 2: Get good at copywriting with the SUCKS framework

To sell your products, services, and ideas you must understand copywriting.But you don’t need to spend thousands of hours or dollars to learn it like I did. This 26-minute module condenses everything you need to know into one simple framework.A small taste:

  • The ‘trigger words’ you can sneak into your writing that will transform lukewarm followers into raving fans in next to no time

  • A simple 8-step checklist you can use to make any writing instantly more persuasive and powerful so you can get your readers to share more of your posts and buy more of your stuff

  • 4 easy ways to make your content ooze with curiosity so you never struggle with 'low attention spans' ever again (people will read everything if you can keep them fascinated)

Module 3: Condense your thoughts into snappy short-form content

Short form is excellent for building relationships because it helps your audience get to know you fast.But there’s an art to compressing your ideas—one I've spent years practising and teaching.Inside, you'll discover:

  • A step-by-step walkthrough for how to use the '3 pillars of magnetic writing' to make your content irresistible, creating an army of fans behind your brand

  • The Sticky Statement Toolkit for crafting hard-hitting ideas that slice through the social media noise and stick in your audience's mind (people remember powerful sentences the most!)

  • The Microstory Method for sharing interesting stories every day so that your audience feels 'like they know you' without every actually speaking! (great for your business)

  • 3 simple questions to that unlock your personality and help you express your strongest views, beliefs, and quirks with confidence

  • How to write highly persuasive call to actions so you can land more clients, sell more products, and grow your newsletter for zero cost except time spent writing about ideas you enjoy

Module 4: Build authority through compelling long-form content

Long form content is how you showcase your knowledge.But most people write posts that disappear into the void or make no impact. This module makes sure that won't happen to you.You'll discover:

  • A simple 3-step approach to writing long-form as fast as possible (without impacting the quality of your writing)

  • My easy-to-follow system for transforming weak hooks into absolute scroll stoppers so you always catch your audience's attention without using cheap gimmicks

  • How to create high-authority content to position yourself as a leader in your industry and the go-to source of information in your space

Over 1,900 people are growing their audience and business with High Impact Writing. Here's what they have to say:

What writing will do for you

My coaching rate is now $1,000/hour, which I find crazy considering I started at $50 two years ago.But that’s testament to the power of writing—it grows your reputation. As your brand strengthens you become more valuable to the market.And I enjoy coaching.But I became a writer for freedom and want to make an impact at scale.That's why I built High Impact Writing.I genuinely believe writing is the greatest skill in the world and the best way for you to be rewarded for doing meaningful, fulfilling work.Because an audience unlocks so many opportunities—in business growth, but also the freedom to align your lifestyle, passion, and vision.The course gives you everything you need to get better at writing so you can connect with your audience without needing to invest thousands in coaching or waiting for my time.And you can grab it for a steal on one condition:As you get results, I want you to write to me with your story.Because the downside of digital products is that I don’t get to see your progress. I love seeing people build online—your wins are my fuel, so it means the world when you keep in contact.If this sounds fair, you can get lifetime access for just $397.This includes all future updates too.I’m always improving my own strategies and I don’t keep what I find secret.For example, original customers have received these extra bonuses over the past year:

  • A webinar on how to build a writing business

  • A webinar on how to start and scale a newsletter

  • A webinar on the 5 pillars of leverage

  • A brand new version of course (fully rewritten and refilmed in 2024 to keep up to date with the evolving landscape—included in your purchase)

  • 5 exclusive interviews with 6-8 figure writers (these are included in your purchase)

Not to mention frequent video material sharing more writing strategies.It's my aim to overdeliver, so you can expect a similar level of care if you decide to invest.You can either grab the main course or pick up a consulting call if you’d prefer closer support (we’ll deep-dive into your brand and business and come up with a tailor-made plan of action—this option’s available at a later date, too).

High Impact Writing

$397 USD

Modules 1-4 on niching down, writing persuasively, and creating social media content to grow your writing business

All bonuses (see below)

No calls

High Impact Coaching

$999* USD

Modules 1-4 on niching down, writing persuasively, and creating social media content to grow your writing business

All bonuses (see below)

One 60 minute 1:1 call
Social media profle review
One long-form content critique
*Usually $1397 but discounted if purchased today

Just click one of the buttons above to get started.You'll be taken to a checkout page and asked to pop in your details. After purchasing, you'll get immediate access to a private membership area containing your course.Plus I'll drop you an email with the course link and more information for future reference.And when you invest, you'll get 5 exclusive bonuses on social media growth, building effortless systems, tonnes of templates, how to build a writing routine, and exclusive interviews with 5 outstanding entrepreneurial writers—so you have zero difficulty growing an audience for your business.


Social media growth made simple

All of my clients want one thing: faster growth in less time. This course covers strategies for how.Inside:

  • How to pick the right platform for your business with 3 simple questions so you don't waste months or years building in the wrong place

  • Simple tricks to transform your profile into a conversion magnet to 2x, 5x, or even 10x your growth

  • A blueprint for landing your first 1,000 followers as fast as possible without paying for engagement or spending all day being a ‘reply guy’

  • A simple technique for getting followed by much bigger accounts (this is great for your social proof!)

  • A ‘rapid growth’ copywriting trick that shows you how to accelerate your growth rate with a simple shift in positioning

  • The strategies behind growing on 𝕏 and LinkedIn in 2024… including a masterclass interview with LinkedIn star Lara Acosta (who has over 160,000 followers)


How to get 10-100x the result from every word you write

If you can make your words work harder, you can create a massive impact without needing a massive team (or just work less!).Inside:

  • A simple 4-step data-driven growth system so every week you write your ideas get sharper and you grow faster (without writing more)

  • The 'Sniper-Shotgun' technique for transforming one great post into ten more with next-to-no effort

  • The Pillar Piece process for creating an reusable body of content so you're not stuck the social media treadmill

  • An easy system to post across multiple social media platforms simultaneously so you can tap into new markets and avoid 'platform risk'


The Writer's Handbook

The Writer’s Handbook is jam-packed with resources to make writing easier.Inside:

  • ‘The High Impact Content Cheatsheet’ with follow-along checklists for every step of the writing process, including short form, long form, hooks, first drafts, and editing

  • The 3 Pillars of Magnetic Writing Prompt Collection with over 264 templates so you never struggle with ideas again

  • Video content critiques of my clients’ work to show you the common mistakes and simple tweaks to make your writing much more engaging


How to build a high output, high creativity writing routine

I'm a firm believer that the writer and entrepreneur with the best routine, wins. Especially on a longer timeframe. This course shares everything I know about removing chaos from your process.You’ll learn:

  • A routine 'hack' to get faster and better results (you will never go back to the normal routine after this)

  • How to unlock much deeperlevels of creativity and focus so you can produce quality work and have exciting ideas without being stuck at the computer 24/7

  • My favourite 6 tweaks to improve your process (I show you how to remove as much friction as possible to give you more energy to invest where it counts)

  • How to tap into the magic of standard operating procedures to make your business and writing run much smoother... and getting results much more reliable

All of the bonuses are high-quality video courses too, so I promise you’re going to love every second we spend together.But if for any reason you feel otherwise…Or the material doesn’t deliver exactly what I promise…Or if you just decide you don’t like my croaky British voice…You can send it back within 90 days, and I’ll refund the full investment—no questions asked.But I'm confident you’ll be delighted.I know this because almost 2,000 people already are, and your results are my priority.

You’re still here, which tells me three things.First, you care about your success. You're not gonna spend this long reading otherwise. Second, you’re intrigued by what I’m saying. You want to write for some, or all, of the reasons I’ve suggested.But you’re also sceptical—which I understand.I won’t say much else. If it’s not the right time, no problem.But if you're not sure, let me say this.You have nothing to lose.Writing is an amazing skill.Aside from communicating better, you think clearer and it's massively fulfilling to think through your ideas and present them to the world (although it can be a little frustrating, too).And I’ll be honest.You can learn to write without High Impact Writing—I did.But I also had to wade through so much conflicting advice about how to write that I wasted tonnes of energy on unimportant stuff.I wish I had a clear blueprint to execute when I started—something that told me what to do and what not to do.That’s why I built this course.It’s a step-by-step guide for Kieran Drew circa 2 years ago.If you care about reaching people online and want to build a stellar reputation, I guarantee you won't find better material.And like I said, if in the unlikely reason you find otherwise, I'll ping your investment back.I appreciate your attention,Kieran

You got questions? I got answers

I like a curious mind! So I’ve gathered the questions I’ve been asked most. If these don’t cover your questions, email me at kieran@kierandrew.com instead.

What exactly do I get with High Impact Writing?

When you invest, you'll get a repeatable writing system to help you attract a high-quality audience, leading to more customers, connections, and opportunities. The material is highly actionable and practical, and designed for the busy entrepreneur in mind. Most importantly, you'll get a lot better at writing, too.

I’m crazy busy.How much time do I need for this?

You can take the course in one weekend — hell, one evening if you want to overdose on Kieran Drew. Of course, it takes time to attract an audience. But when I got started, I worked 50-60 hours a week as a dentist, so I know what it’s like to be busy. You can be sure I only teach what’s most important.

Is High Impact Writing for social media only?

Whilst the focus is on social, I’ve used the writing principles to build a 30k newsletter, plus stuff like this page and my products. Writing concepts are universal, especially around creating relationships. I wouldn’t buy this course if you have zero interest in social media growth. But if you want to improve your writing overall, and social is part of the plan, I would.

Do I need previous writing experience?

Of course, if you’re already a good writer, you’ll find this easier. But I’ll be honest. Many of my clients come from academic writing, and they’ve had to unlearn a few things to write for the internet (the same as me). I’ve made the course perfect for starting at square one but also good for those a few steps ahead.

Do you teach me how to create video content?

I leave that for the ‘gram influencers. All jokes aside, I don’t talk about video content for social media because I’ve never made it — so far, my entire business growth has been writing-based. But it’s remarkably easy to create video content when you have hundreds or thousands of ideas to read out. You’ll also speak 10x more concisely than most people waffling online. Writing does that to you.

I don’t have any interesting ideas, a powerful personal story, or much of a personality.Do I stand a chance?

Honestly, no one cared about a disgruntled dentist, either. Much of being interesting is a result of getting results. I show you how to document your journey better than anyone else out there.

I’ve yet to make money online.Will this course help?

I don’t cover business-specific stuff like building offers in the core course. Writing is my expertise. You’re better off deep-diving into Alex Hormozi’s content if this is your primary problem.But for business, organic traffic is king. It’s why every company is investing so heavily into brand. From lesson one, we focus on earning trust and traffic correctly. So if you have an offer, this will be great for you. If not, the audience-first approach is an exciting way to begin one, too.

What makes this different from other audience-building courses?

I get it — another creator selling how to be a creator. We’ve seen it all before. Hell, I’ve bought ‘em all before. But you know the problem with most audience-building courses? They teach you stuff that worked for them without realising it’s not replicable. It's just tactics and hacks that quickly become outdated, turning you into a cheap copycat always stuck two steps behind.High Impact Writing is about skill-building. It’s about trust building. It’s about playing long-term games. Algorithms constantly change but guess what doesn’t? People. And people will always love good writing.

I’m massively confused about my niche. I’ve bought other courses and they don’t help.Will High Impact Writing help?

Unlike a lot people in my space, I started from complete scratch. So I've spent more time worrying about my niche than most. This is why I've tried to ensure my methods are the simplest and clearest out there. You don't want to waste valuable energy going around in circles on that decision.

I have other questions.Can you help?

Sure.Reach out your preferred social l media platform or email me at kieran@kierandrew.com, and I’ll reply personally as soon as possible, usually within a few days.

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